Networks and Monitoring

Tunstees has created a niche for itself in the area of Cable and Network Wiring accessories and infrastructure implementation. Our diverse projects in different structural topology ranging from single office building to an enterprise network and Sand-filled environment has positioned us to answer to any customer request and challenge in this area of service.

We have secured partnership with reputable OEMs in the supply of Cables and Wiring Accessories (Copper & Fibre), Connectors, Cabinets & Enclosures, patch Panels.

We have perfected a cost effective and customer oriented cabling solution in our company wide project delivery process. This is due to our various projects implemented to date. Structured Office Cabling

  • LAN Network
  • BackBone Cable Network
  • Fibre Optics Cable.
ICT environment monitoring has become a critical part of Disaster Prevention for professional IT managers everywhere in the world. This desire to free all IT professionals from imminent and dangerous downtime has been resolved by Tunstees’ environment monitoring solution. The big 7 IT Environment Threat factors are considered in this piece that has brought IT managers relative peace, comfort and time-saving advantage globally.
Temperature, Power, Humidity, Smoke, Flood, Airflow, Illegal Room entry can be monitored by our products.
Our product employs the availability and power of Internet to timely deliver quality monitoring and alert information through web mails, calls, siren and SMS notifications etc.
  • ICT Environment Monitoring Solution
  • Alerting and Correction.

Whatsup Gold
WhatsUp Gold solutions are built on a scalable architecture offering automated device discovery and network mapping, real-time network monitoring, and versatile alerting, notification, and reporting functionality, Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold delivers 360° visibility, actionable intelligence and complete control.
Our innovative network management technologies are tried, tested, and proven on networks just like yours - over 100,000 of them.
Monitoring Technologies covered include:

  • Layer2/Layer 3 discovery & Mapping
  • System Monitoring
  • Virtualisation Management
  • Network reporting
  • Mobile Access
  • Application Monitoring
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Wireless Network Monitoring
  • Syslog management and lots more.
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